Summer Road Trip 2019!

Well, its that time again.  The Summer Road Trip home and then to National Parks on the way back.

This year I had some changes and not all great ones either.  Ill start with the biggest, I lost my dear Lindy in May.  I detailed about it here if you want to read up on it.  It was a rough go and Im sad to see her leave but she had a good life and saw more than any other dog I know has!

That said, I adopted a new pup!!  Her name is Olive and shes an 8 month old Lab Mix puppy.  Shes smart, playful, good with kids/babies/cats/people/dogs and just all around amazing.  Shes no Lindy but she will be a great companion and surprises me every day.  She will be featured in a good amount of photos so you’ll get aquainted pretty quickly.

The 3rd update is that I wont be making the roadtrip back to the midwest for the annual 4th of July family get together moving forward.  Our parents have decided to put the family lake house on the market and Ive already prepared myself that this trip was the last hurrah!

Ok, onto the actual road trip!  We stopped in northern Wisconsin, Chicago, St Louis, Garden of the Gods, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Zion and Bryce Canyon.  The trip covered 5500 miles and spanned a little over 2 weeks.  Ive also decided I need to spring for an SUV to make these trips a bit roomier.

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