Summer Road Trip 2018 – Day 2

Woke up well rested in Salt Lake City and headed to the airport to pick up an old friend, Molik.  Ive known him since second grade and we were also roommates in college for a little bit.  He flew in to join me on this left from SLC to Denver with a stop in Arches National Park in between.

The drive to Arches was pretty uneventful.  On the way, you could feel it start getting hotter, even with AC on full.  Our plan was to drop Lindy off at a dog day care and then head to park to hike a bit, pick Lindy back up and finish the drive to Denver.  When we got to the dog day care, a nice woman came out to meet us and informed us it was too hot to think about hiking and we could just drive thru the park with Lindy in the car.  We were a bit disappointed but it was about 114 out so we didn’t think twice about it.

Arches National Park is just incredible!  I had no idea what were in for but there are so many beautiful natural structures to view and some you can even explore.  Ill let the photos do the talking.  Also, if you forget your National Parks card at home(d’oh!), they cant look it up and you need to buy a new one and my import screwed up and some photos are out of order, I dont care enough to fix it.


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